This is Probably the Best Place to Live in Kuala Lumpur

Desa ParkCity in Kuala Lumpur is a well established and matured self-contained town.

Everything began in 1999 when the creator, ParkCity, acquired the 191.4-ha place. From a barren quarry mine, the spot has actually ended up being the cradle of among Malaysia’s top-selling neighbourhoods and the venture proceeded to earn numerous prestigious awards, both locally and internationally.

Every time ParkCity introduced its property projects including Westside III, One Central Park, Adiva, The Mansions, The Breezeway, Zenia, Casaman, The Northshore Gardens, Adora, Nadia and even the latest Park Place, without a doubt it sold well.

This distinct ParkCity DNA is what makes its Desa ParkCity area in Northwest Kuala Lumpur so effective. Desa ParkCity is recognized for its superior living setting, master plan design and metropolitan green areas. Many are surprised by how a previous quarry mine where no plants might grow is now an acclaimed area with two manufactured lakes teeming with fishes and marine plants that have actually become popular recreational locations for its homeowners and even the general public.

Amenities within the town consist of a 300-bed ParkCity Medical Centre, The International School @ ParkCity and business neighbourhoods – The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia. With the full preparation, this developer has actually proven its abilities in producing value for Desa ParkCity property buyers as realty prices in Desa ParkCity have gone up even throughout a sluggish real estate market. A good example is OCP.

Place-making is critical for the overall area development to create a sense of belonging among its residents. At Desa ParkCity, the 13.9-acre Central Park and recreational lake were the elements used to kickstart the 473-acre advancement. Situated in the heart of Desa ParkCity, it serves to motivate its locals and people in neighbouring locations to appreciate the outdoors and engage with each other and hence produce a cohesive community. The lake likewise acts as a retention pond and for stormwater management.

In addition, it assists to reduce the temperature of the entire area and serve as a natural air filtration system. Whether you are searching for Desa ParkCity homes for sale or rent, property agents can always assist you to discover the best unit.

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