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Track These SEO KPIs to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Not every KPI is beneficial. With many to decide on, it’s most ideal to pay attention to the KPIs that actually and closely have an effect on the success of your business.

The numbers that genuinely matter are the ones closely linked to your company’s goals and objectives. These measurement report a strength or weakness you can develop upon or address to push your company closer to its goals. Contrary to meaningless metrics, meaningful metrics provide actionable insights – the info you need to adapt your marketing techniques in real-time and over time grow as a business.

In this article, the co-founder of TNT SEO, Terence Lim will share a number of meaningful SEO KPIs.

Return on investment (ROI)

ROI is your key point when it comes to determining a marketing effort. Whatever needs to come back to what the real return is for the hours and dollars you put into it. Nevertheless, effective a project may appear to be according to any other step, it requires to be responsible for the income it is accountable for producing through effective conversions.

Bounce rates

This metric helps inform you whether users are substantively connecting with your web content or merely passing by. It represents the percentage of website visitors who land and after that leave rather before viewing other web pages. A high bounce rate (over 60%) is one of the most familiar conversion killers. Delivering constant, customer-centric web content using optimized images, engaging videos and crystal clear calls to action can really help improve this metric.

Organic traffic growth

It concerns the increase or decrease of traffic from online search engine just like Google. According to Terence Lim, this metric is critical for any SEO experts in measuring Search Engine Optimization project performance. Considering that SEO is a long-term online marketing strategy, Terence advises SEO experts to check out at least a period of three months when looking into organic search growth.

Click-through rates

More telling than an e-mail open rate, click-through rates measure the number of recipients clicked a CTA button or other link inside an email. This is usually an email’s overall number of clicks divided by its total variety of opens. Criteria can vary by your field but a lot more hinged on whether you are sending e-mails to customers or potential customers.

Search Engine Ranking Positions: A basic KPI in SEO service in Malaysia. Also referred to as keyword rankings or Search Engine Results Pages, it lets SEO consultants to easily track their SEO performance. Although it is never as relevant as before, yet keyword ranking positions help SEO experts to understand if they are on the right direction.


Converting leads isn’t an exact science– but make no mistake, it is a science. Today, you can very easily track and assess your KPI with analytical software like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. As one of the best SEO firms in Malaysia, we really want our SEO projects to be successful, to be effective and to have a high return. The method to make sure that they do is to ensure that we are valuing the right metrics of success.

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