How to Make the Best Mille Crepe Cake at Home

Who knew the humble crepe could be used in so many versatile ways. So much so that bakeries and cafes all over the globe are now using it to make the now so popular Mille Crepe cake.

If you have ever tasted a Mille Crepe cake, the multiple stacked layers of thin and soft crepes with a delicious cream filling may have enamoured you with the taste like many others who are absolute fans of the unique delicacy.

If you want to make a classic restaurant-quality crepe cake at home but feel that the task is daunting, you may be surprised by how easily this cake can be made. With a few simple tips, the entire process of making the cake from prep to finish can be managed without any hassle. Let us guide you through the step by step process of making a basic crepe cake.

Prepare the Batter

While the Mille crepe cake can be made in different flavours like chocolate or vanilla, we will guide you to make the basic vanilla recipe. The traditional crepe recipe is not necessarily sweet and has a little savoury touch to it but you can add a little sugar to the batter to make a cake out of it. Now we will be detailing the ingredients of the crepes. If you want to make a moderately-sized cake you will have to at least triple the quantity of the ingredients to achieve the desired results.

For Ingredients, you will need

  • One cup of flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar (depending on how sweet you want the crepes to be)
  • 3 tablespoons of butter (melt it and cool)
  • ¾ cup of water
  • ½ cup of water
  • A dash of vanilla extract
  • Some additional butter to grease the pan

The beauty of the Mille Crepe cake is that you can easily prepare the batter by putting all the ingredients in a blender and blend them to make a fine smooth batter of even consistency. Make sure to give the batter a good enough resting time. Chill it in the fridge for a minimum of two hours, preferably overnight. This will help in making light and soft crepes.

Make the Crepes

Now that the batter is well-rested and chilled, it is time to make the crepes. The utensils you will need are:

  • A non-stick frying pan; you can use a 9-inch pan
  • A ladle or spoon for pouring the batter in the pan
  • A spatula for flipping the crepes

Heat the pan a little and grease it. Keep the heat moderate so as to prevent the crepes from browning too quickly. Now pour in the batter and spread it out evenly. You may need to tilt the pan and swirl the batter around to make sure it is evenly spread.

After almost 30 seconds you will notice that the centre of the batter starts drying up. Now run the spatula under the edges and then gently flip it. Allow it to cook for another 10-20 seconds and the crepe is done. You may have to do a few test runs to get the hang of it and make perfect crepes.

Put the crepes gently on a tray or rack to allow them to cool. Do not stack them on top of each other right after they come off the stove. They might turn soggy if you do so.

Prepare the Filling

While the crepes are cooling down, you can use the time to prepare the filling. If there is a lot of time between making the crepes and assembling them, you can store them in the fridge wrapped in an airtight plastic sheet. For the filling, you will need

  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • A dash of vanilla extract, around half tsp
  • 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar

You can use a hand blender to whip up the cream. Once the cream forms soft peaks, add sugar and vanilla to the cream until mixed. Do not over blend the cream.

While this is the recipe of the basic filling, you can add variations of your own. You can add nuts or fresh fruits like chopped up strawberries or blackberries to the filling to give it different textures and tastes. You can also add some flavour or colour to the cream to give it a twist. You can even add chocolate to the filling to enhance the taste of the cake.

Do the Layering and Decorate

Once the filling is prepared and the crepes are cool, you can begin the assembly. Gently place one crepe on the cake plate and spread the filling evenly over it. Now add another crepe and apply the filling again. Repeat the process till all the crepes have been neatly stacked up. Alan Soong, author of “Cara Mengatasi Sembelit” claims that do not add a lot of cream to each layer. If you have added fruits or nuts to the filling, it will keep the crepes stacked up neatly and prevent them from slipping.

Once the layering is complete, top up the cake with cream and fruits as you desire. Put it in the fridge and chill it before serving.


What are the benefits of diffusing essential oils diffuser?

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Professional Hypnotherapy Can Aid with Frontliner Anxiety, Claims Doctor

Medical hypnotherapists have actually been seeing results from hypnosis when utilized to aid frontliners handle the increasing anxiety and also stress from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Sri Latha Balakrishnan said frontliners typically dealt with stress and anxiety as a result of fears of obtaining infected or infecting their loved ones in their home.

The absence of individual protective equipment was the greatest problem. At some time, they were lacking safety equipment.

Frontliners also was afraid of making the wrong choices when determining if they should resuscitate a client, she claimed.

Sri Latha was speaking at a global virtual conference on medical hypnosis, themed “Your Mind Issues”, organised by the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Malaysian Society of Medical Hypnosis, and also the Asia Pacific Society of Clinical Communications and Hypnosis.

Clinical hypnotherapy is an alternative technique that uses hypnosis to aid in the treatment of symptoms or conditions of psychological wellness problems, injury, smoking cigarettes as well as others.

She said scientific hypnosis can assist handle stress, fears, anxiety, sleep problems, mild to modest depression, adjustment problems as well as additionally post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The hypnosis method itself constructs a good connection between your manager as well as the employees that will certainly assist with a better working mindset afterwards.

Sri Latha stated that not all clients of such problems or instances can be medicated or are classified as having a psychiatrist illness.

She recommended that a psychosocial and mental healthcare device be set up in every division in medical facilities.

Deputy director-general of health (public health) Dr Chong Chee Kheong said Covid-19 had actually diverted interest away from holistic health, as the majority of resources were needed in the direction of battling the pandemic.

There is a need to resolve the requirements of clients needing non-critical healthcare services, particularly psychological medical care.

The existing motion control order (MCO) has actually created an increase in social isolation, unpredictability, loss of loved ones and also jobs, every one of which has led to stress and anxiety, depression and also various other psychological challenges.

Chong stated that based on calls made to the federal government helplines, 93,164 (90.58%) were those asking for psychological as well as emotional support and therapy.

Among the issues that required support are social concerns such as job losses, no source of income, household problems, social partnership issues, stigma versus infections, seclusion and absence of access to support services throughout the MCO or EMCO.

He said clinical hypnotherapy had actually been acknowledged in the monitoring of medical ailment, particularly in persistent as well as acute pain, and in the treatment of mental and psychosocial issues, such as depression and also anxiety. Self-hypnosis for losing weight is also widely used nowadays.

There was likewise potential for telehealth or digital health services to raise gain access to as well as top quality of mental healthcare in the nation.

Digital remedies will be hired once more to provide both total remedies and to create hybrid remedies that use a blend of in-person and online therapy and even app-based therapy.


Temperature is the Key in Enjoying the Best Wine

According to a study, an increasing number of Singaporean has learned to love drinking wine.

If you are a wine lover, particularly fond of this particular type of alcohol, then a wine chiller is a must-have item for you. Now, in regards to choosing the right basement for example Kadeka wine cellars, a lot of us commit the mistake of picking out the layout first and then searching for the other capabilities.

It is quite natural because the appearance of a wine chiller is quite elegant and also to place it into your home, you want it to be much more visually appealing.

However, this specific product needs you to take note of many other essential facets, which we will be talking about here. So, the first consideration is the consistency of this temperature. It determines how fast or slow that the wine creation will take place in the bottle.

Like most chemical reactions, the higher the temperature, the more rapidly will the wine develop as well as the lower the temperature, the more rapid the growth will happen. The commonly accepted temperature variation is between 50 and 60 degrees. If you want to maintain the wine for long, go towards 50 and if you want the wine to become ready to drink fast then skew towards
55-60 levels.

Taking into consideration the humidity and the directional storage feature is every bit as important while picking a wine cellar in Singapore. Now you can easily search the best wine chillers online from

The very best wine cooler for example Vintec wine chillers are going to have the supply of controlling the warmth from the inside and outside. On the flip side, the bottles must be stored either horizontally or upside down to keep contact with the cork.

red wine

How Can Wine Have So Many Diverse Flavors?

1 question wine sellers enjoy LavoWine get a lot is why wines flavor and smell like a lot of unique things and not just grapes.

The more you consume wine, the more you begin to notice subtle tastes such as vanilla, spice, tobacco, tropical fruits or even sea atmosphere. We all know a winemaker does not really incorporate spices or seawater into a wine, so how can the wine wind up inheriting those flavors?

Grapes are an incredibly impressionable and fragile fruit. Each choice the winemaker makes during the process, from how and where the grapes are grown, to exactly what occurs to them once they’re juiced, affect how the wine tastes and smells at the end.

We know a winemaker does not really add spices or seawater into a wine, so how can the red wine end up inheriting those flavors?

There’s a saying among winemakers the very best wine begins in the vineyard. Great farming equals great wine, and it is at this point where the grapes also first come in contact with elements that could affect the wine’s greatest characteristics. Many insects are very important to the health of blossoms, but probably none are more significant than bees.

Since the grapes develop into a vineyard surrounded by plants such as wild blossoms, flowers and blossoms, the bees fly round the vineyard dispersing pollen, and as the grapes ripen they consume the subtle flavor characteristics from these plants.

Elements like the air can also have an effect on the taste of the blossoms as they develop. In many areas of earth, including Spain and Greece, much of the white wine has been increased on cliffs which overlook the sea. Since the waves crash to the rocks and spray salt water to the air, the atmosphere becomes absorbed by the blossoms as they ripen, adding a delicious minerality to the grapes that could flavor and smell like a fresh sea breeze.

Following the blossoms transition in the vineyard to the cellar, each choice the winemaker creates has an effect on the total flavor. How the winemaker chooses to press the berries, whether the winemaker wishes to era the fermented juice in steel or oak, and the length of time the winemaker lets the wine sit in these vessels all assist in imparting unique flavors and aromas to a wine.

With each one of these factors with an impact on the overall flavor and smell of the wine, it is no surprise that so many people pick up different attributes when tasting and smelling the same wine. It is one of the things that makes drinking wine so much fun.

Now that you know just how can the wine flavors came out. If you are interested to learn more about wine varieties including red wine, rose wine, sweet wine or other alcohol, do see LavoWine, the leading wine store in Malaysia.