What Noise Does a Giraffe Make?

It has long been considered that, in contrast to other animals, giraffes are quiet creatures. They don’t make any oinks, moos, or roars. In addition to humming, according to a recent study, the animals also make an audible hissing sound.

Previously, it was thought that giraffes, like elephants, made noises that were hard for people to hear, but a recent study reveals that this is not the case. Researchers at three zoos in the United States captured over 940 hours of giraffe noises over an eight-year period, according to a recent study published in the journal BioMed Central. With the exception of the rare snort or grunt, only at night did the giraffes make humming noises, which were recorded by the researchers. According to Wired, the buzzing had a frequency of 92Hz, which is still perceptible to humans but at a relatively low level. 

More study is required, but it’s likely that the giraffes are utilising these sounds to communicate with one another, despite the fact that the researchers described the recording process as “consuming, boring, and very tough.”

As a consequence of their findings, the researchers believe that giraffes indeed create vocalisations that, based on their acoustic structure, have the potential to operate as communication signals by conveying information about the physical and motivational aspects of the caller.

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